Our training sessions reflect the needs of our members – they are inclusive, varied and appropriate to standard of athlete in attendance. Our training programme has been set by Head Coach, Andy Brodziack and is delivered by Andy and our team of qualified coaches. Through Andy, members have access to Training Peaks which outlines a weekly, monthly and annual training plan for our members. The sessions below are taking from Training Peaks.

Indoor Swimming:

Wednesday 8pm – 9pm

Ashville College (*

Structure: These sessions focus on stroke technique, swimming fitness and race preparation. Participants should be able to swim at least 200m front-crawl without stopping.

*Note that from 18th Jan 2017 to Mid April 2017 Wednesday swim training will move to Harrogate Ladies College while refurbishment takes place at Ashville. During this period of time swimming will take place between 8.15pm and 9.15pm.

Open Water Swimming (From May 2017):

Monday 7pm – 8.30pm

Calmwater Bay, Knaresborough

Structure: These sessions focus on open water confidence, open water swimming techniques (including drafting, sighting, turning), dive starts and pacing. During the summer there will also be opportunties for juniors to swim as part of our sessions at Calmwater. More information to follow.


 Currently there are no structured club rides. Cycling activity is organised locally via our closed Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined, please request to do so. Remember this is for members only.


Thursday 7pm meet (various locations depending on the session). 

The details for each of these sessions will be posted during the week on our closed Facebook Group.

Harrogate Parkrun

Additional sessions take place through the course of a week and are arrange locally by members through our club forum.